When a poor young man wants to make a film, will he succeed

To answer this question, you will have to watch a beautiful and inspiring movie and The Oscar Goes To; if you have missed this movie, you can watch this Telugu movies online on aha ott. Salim Ahamed directed this film. This movie is the best mixture of being passionate about your dreams and falling in love. This movie shows how much struggle one has to face to chase his dreams. Giving up is not always the solution. This movie shows the journey of a filmmaker who goes abroad to achieve his goals.

The Oscar Goes To- such a motivational movie

It is a well-executed screenplay done by Tovino Thomas and Anu Sithara. They presented the movie in a very realistic manner. The film has been portrayed in a beautiful way that shows how the relationship evolves after success. Talking about the storyline, the movie shows the struggle of a film director Issak Ebrahem a passionate young man who wanted to become a director.

He did not have enough money to produce a film, so he had to sell his parents’ assets as he was so dedicated to making a film. His parents supported him in pursuing his dream work. They believed in him. Issak Ebrahim decided to make a movie based on real-life person Moidukka. After determining, he goes to meet and discuss the idea with the actor and cinematographer. After hearing his story, they agreed and started shooting. They faced a lot of issues, and after a lot of struggle, they completed the movie.

The people loved the movie. This film was awarded for the best film and even for the best actor in the National Award. This movie has hit people’s hearts and will be submitted to the best foreign-language film to the Oscar, for which he will have to move to the US with the bit of amount of money he has. To take care of Issak Ebrahim’s needs, Maria will be appointed as a Foreign Marketing Company representative. Being an Indian, he was not very comfortable being there as he has never tasted the kind of food they have there. Living in the US was very difficult for him as their culture was completely different from his, and there came a time where he had to choose between life and cinema.

Technical Asset

  • The way they narrated the script was very realistic. The film will make your eyes wet as it shows how much struggle the filmmaker had to face in making the film.
  • The movie’s music carried the emotion and sentiments that connect the audience, and you get a feel while watching.
  • The cinematography was too good.
  • Dialogues were presented in a very connected manner. It was emotional as dialogue plays a significant role in any movie as it attracts and grabs the audience’s attention.

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